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Interesting content to read and key points to consider (practical and cultural) before arriving in Japan.

Japan private travel customized for your family or small group leave you free like a dragonflyTo have the very best Japan trip or vacation possible, it helps to plan ahead and familiarize yourself with the logistics and travel possibilities of moving around in Japan. For excellent trip planning information in English, we highly recommend: Japan Guide and also Japan Visitor which both offer a really good overview and practical travel advice for anywhere in Japan. For photographers and architecture fans, this article is very informative, useful and well written.

Kyoto day tour feature, Yukata summer kimonoA private tour of Japan can be a great cultural experience and, if your Japan trip is longer, a smart way to learn about local travel logistics (such as how to use the trains and ticket machines, subways and buses in Japan). For a better idea of how to use the transportation system in Tokyo and how public transportation in Japan is used in our Self Guided Tours and A to B bilingual transfers please see this link and this link and this link for PDF example. We are also beginning a library of proprietary content about Japan, Tokyo and Kyoto. Here is a great article on Kyoto's famous Teramachi Street.

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